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Thank you for taking part in the Proof of Pizza pilot. We really appreciate you being the first ones to try the protocol.

It will be very helpful to understand how much time it takes you, any problems or questions and any feedback or ideas you have. It is also crucial for us in planning how to scale validation of a higher number of projects a week.

Your data

The personal information you provide in Step 1 will only be seen by one member of the team.

The government ID check is done through a third-party app on your phone, so we do not see or keep any records related to this. We will just get confirmation of full name and photo through the app.

The process

  • Step 1: Personal Details
  • Please fill in the form. You will need to provide full name, city and country of residence, email and personal social media accounts for 2 members of the team.

  • Step 2: Interview
  • A short conversational face-to-face interview with Proof of Pizza and the 2 team members. You will be sent to the booking schedule when you submit the personal details form.

  • Step 3: Solana Naming Service
  • Please claim your project Twitter account handle through the bonfida Solana Naming Service. This associates a wallet with your Twitter handle and is how we will issue the NFT on completion of verification. Further instructions are available here.

  • Step 4. 3rd Party ID verification
  • Instructions will be provided when you reach this step

  • Step 6: Code review
  • We will need your Candy Machine ID and access to the final minting page.


Once all the steps have been completed, we will award your Proof of Pizza NFT to the wallet linked to your Twitter handle

We will make an announcement on our Twitter account and add you to the list of verified projects on our website.