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Anonymity and rug pulls

Anonymity is foundational to the crypto space, but this has been exploited by malicious actors who have scammed thousands of people and disappeared with no consequences.

Our review of rug pulls shows the massive scale of the problem, the regularity of occurrences and a clear pattern in how these scams work.

The solution

The Proof of Pizza protocol enables teams in the space to show their community a level of accountability without losing their public anonymity.

  • Proof of Pizza deters potential scammers who are unable or unwilling to go through private social media doxxing, a face-to-face interview with the Proof of Pizza team and third-party ID verification process.
  • Buyers, influencers and marketplaces can feel confident in the projects that are verified and ask difficult questions to those who are not.
  • Widespread adoption of Proof of Pizza results in a culture of transparency, which ultimately benefits all projects in the Solana ecosystem.

The Team

Project Lead: J0hanna

J0hanna has a background as a web2 Tech for Good founder and has received a number of prestigious grants. She previously worked as an academic in international human rights.

Lead Developer: Tracy

Tracy is a software engineer making the move from Web2 to Web3 engineering and currently working on adding features to the Candy Machine program.

Advisor: Levi Cook

Strategic Advisor at Metaplex, Blockchain Engineer and Solana NFT Ecosystem Advocate.